Billy Beer and Jimmy’s Moonshine

Ethanol the Alcoholic guide to Gasoline

Did you know that you have moonshine in your gas tank?  Most people never associate ethanol with moonshine or grain alcohol because it never reported that way in the media.  Given this remarkable insight, the gasoline additive ethanol is horrible for your car.

Other names for ethanol are pure grain alcohol or drinking alcohol including spirits.  Ethanol is a solvent; some other types of solvents are nail-polish removers and paint thinners. The enemy of ethanol is water, pure and clear water.  So how do you keep water out of ethanol?  It is not going to happen, considering the delivery methods and cross transportation, and open venting.  In addition, the tanks at gas stations are underground.

What if?

If Billy Carter and his brother President Jimmy Carter are competitive  like most brothers are. Billy has his popular “Billy Beer,” so how could Jimmy upstage his brother. Create a fuel crisis and introduce moonshine (ethanol), so everyone is driving around with moonshine is there gas tank.  Why have the Southern Baptists not complained, maybe they see Jimmy as one of their own. (Just a thought)


Unitarian Church part 2

The Unitarian Church and its Beliefs

This is a follow up to “Unitarian Church and a Track Though Time,” after sharing the track with Jamie he informed me that everything was true expect for one sentence. I have not been able to verify the belief stated in the pamphlet or its history in the Unitarian church. I will follow with the sentence from the pamphlet, and then follow with the whole track.

-Mike Petrowski

We care nothing about a God who discriminates among his creatures, or one who is in any way responsible for making Anglo-Saxons inherently better than Asiatics or Africans.

a frank talk




Fred I Cairns


Why Unitarians?

One reason is that in another faith a man is expected to accept a mystical interpretation of life, though he may also work for the good of his fellows.  In our faith one is, rather, expected to work for the good of one’s fellows, though one may indulge in mystical experiences if one pleases. We do not ask people into our fellowship to help us establish ecclesiastical authority and leadership or to write new catechisms and creeds.  We want them to join us in a search for the answers to the problems people must face. We want to know God better, but only because a better understanding of God will aid in a better understanding of humanity.  We care nothing about a God who discriminates among his creatures, or one who is in any way responsible for making Anglo-Saxons inherently better than Asiatics or Africans.   We want to know the nature of the universe, no matter what it does to our former suppositions. We will not permit the story of Adam and Eve to be a stumbling block in the way of man’s inner goodness and dignity, nor will we let a three-story universe keep us from searching till we find the strength of an atom. We want to know life so that we can help all people to live-not merely so that we ourselves can live.

We declare our faith to be directed towards God and Man, and we demand an honest search for further light on both these objects of our faith. We will not be enthusiastic about any information about God that takes him farther away from man, for the direction of development through the centuries has been towards man.  We welcome all who will join us in this search, but we assure them that their coming into our fellowship imposes upon them the burden of helping us, not the mere privilege of being helped by us.  We offer few comforts and few consolations and few escapes from the realities of life, but we believe that the individual who accepts or faith and its challenge will discover something new, wholesome and invigorating about life and some new understanding and appreciation of both Man and God.


Unitarians churches are dedicated to the progressive transformation and ennoblement of individual and social life, through religion, in accordance with the advancing knowledge and the growing vision of mankind. Bound by this common purpose, and committed to freedom of belief, Unitarians hold in unity of spirit a diversity of convictions.

These pamphlets, representing free inquiry and varying opinions, are issued to promote the purpose of the fellowship.

Division of Publications



Second printing, June, 1947                                                                          Printed in U.S.A.

Unitarian Church and a Track Though Time

The One Volume Bible Commentary, dated 1927

 I was given this Bible Commentary by Marsha Thorla, my mom; the book belonged to Zaile Thorla.  My mom respected him and wished that I had met him before his passing.  Zaile Thorla is mom’s father-in-law.

A frank talk with new-comers by Fred I Cairns

Why Unitarians?


The book is tattered the binding broken held together with green duct tape. I have never read it, except to flip through the pages.  I found something odd, a track about a religion that I knew nothing about and a mystery.  Why is this track here, Zaile Thorla a member of Bexley Methodist, and a schoolteacher.  For some reason I  kept it in my Bible for 15 years and counting.  The track is from June 1947,  and has aged well.

Friendship and Fellowship

Jamie is a classmate and friend we have so much in common, a Nuclear Missile Technician while in the Navy.  I was on track to be a Pershing Missile Technician in the Army.  That door was closed and I became a Calvary Scout.  Jamie worked at AT&T and me at Lucent.  We have a good time hazing each other.

We are now on our third class together and now we do homework together at my house.  I set my laptop up on Cathy’s desk for Jamie and he makes sure I do my homework.  Jamie tries to keep me on track when I come up with my half-baked ideas.  He says NO Micheal, and then calmly tries to explain why I am wrong.  If I had listened to Jamie and my wife-Cathy, I would still be on the Dean’s list; instead, I boycotted a class with a crackpot Professor.  Let me now say I listen or consult with Jamie and Cathy about my ideas good or half-baked.  I believe my ideas  are great, nice to have then around to correct me.  Our strengths and weakens are different, so there is no problem we cannot solve together.  All said  Jamie is a great friend of the family, we have a carpool now.

The Christen Verses Unitarian Debate

Jamie is a Unitarian and I am a Christen.  During our hour compute to and from class, we talk about marriage and kids. Normally on our way home, we debate the differences between the two religions.  Jamie does not believe that there are any differences between the two. I have not read the entire Bible and maybe that is good thing.  If I started quoting Bible verses, it would not work.  What Jamie does not know or have noticed is some books lying around.  A few of the authors are R.C. Sproul, Ravi Zaacharias, John R.W. Stott, and a few more. I would like to believe there is a greater reason, for me reading all theses books. I have fun debating Jamie during our commute to school.  Makes me wonder, do you still believe  in random chance?

-Mike Petrowski

My Sin Alone

My Sin Alone


My sin led to the premature birth of our daughter Caroline.  I learned something today during Church service at First Baptist of Atlanta.  God never wanted me to work at Georgia Tank Lines. This job brought considerable stress on my wife Cathy, stress that I would not even consider, and she was pregnant.  The second event was the shooting of a dog and the stress associated with that.  Caroline was born within weeks of this final event. For the first time I see the scars, on Caroline, from her birth as the results of my sin.  God still remained faithful though it all.

I felt shame for being fired, Caroline was excited that Daddy was home, after asking “Daddy were you fired?” I said yes.  Caroline was jumping up and down screaming I knew it – I knew it. I had been too ashamed, and distressed until then.  At the age of five, she knew that God didn’t want me working there.  Caroline declared that she wanted me to work at the mall; I told her the hours that would involve, and her response was “Dada not work at mall.” Caroline has since declared that I am a teacher, I’m still not sure.

Today I’m where God wants me to be, doing what He wants me to do.  The Holy Spirit that is in me delights in this knowledge.   And, Caroline has enjoyed having Daddy at home.

May the Lord Bless and Keep You,

Mike Petrowski

One Pound Nine Ounces

One Pound Nine Ounces

Unborn in Distress

Sunday morning 20 February, 2005,  my wife Cathy comments that she hasn’t felt the baby kick. Cathy asks if calling the doctor is warranted; three months remain until the due date. God’s synchronicity and design surrounding the pre-mature birth of our daughter; the determination of a child to have her way, even at birth during the three months at Eastside Medical Center in Snellville, Georgia.

The television is off, and Cathy is trying to feel the baby move.  Reluctantly we call the doctor, who decides we should go to the hospital. Blood pressure 220 over 170; we are quickly informed that Cathy is not going anywhere until the baby is born as in a three month stay for Cathy.  We spent the rest of the day together; I doubt we even called anyone.  I go home and sleep.

Just after midnight the phone rings, and my wife tells me hurry to the hospital. The  baby is in distress.  Upon my return I was rushed to the delivery room. There is a big sheet suspended in the air, covering our view of the doctors and nurses, as they began, there is a canter to our left, I only start noticing it as it fills with my wife’s blood. I go pale. The surprise not for us, but the staff, was that we didn’t already know the sex of our baby. Names we had, if a boy Calvin Hobbes Petrowski, and a girl Caroline Ruth Petrowski. My wife will always disagree with me on the boy’s name, remember she was heavy medicated, and she can write her own memoir. The baby is moved to an exam table where babies are graded upon birth, we hear no sound from the baby. The worst way to wake up Caroline is by turning on the light, she will yell and throws a fit, that’s how she entered this world with harsh bright light.  Dr. Ahmed is the head doctor of the NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, my first thought is he’s from the Middle East; 9-11 was very fresh in my mind from four years earlier. I meet and discover the sex of our baby; she is very red and seems to not be happy. Cathy and I announce to the world her name.

New Crib

Caroline’s new home for the next 3 months consists of a Plexiglas crib in the right far corner of the room with a lid on it that controls the temperature and humidity. The crib appears new; she had the nicest crib in the place.  Today when I visit with Caroline, the first place I look is that crib in the corner, knowing that whoever lives there is doing fine. Something I learn while there, on the first day there is unlimited access to Caroline for friends and family. Over the next couple of days that dwindles down to three on a strict list and Cathy and me.  My guess is the doctor and nurses, didn’t know if Caroline would survive. One of the hardest things I witnessed over the three months was a nurse knowing that the baby she was in charge of for the night wouldn’t make it, no words were spoken you could see it in her eyes. Why did my baby do well and her roommate didn’t, I was thankful and felt guilty at the same time. ‎Why do bad things happen to good people? That only happened once, and He volunteered for it (Sproul Jr R.C.).

Trust, how can you trust anyone if you can’t even trust your own mother?  That’s me back then, unable to trust anyone, wondering what peoples angles were,  a little suspicious of everyone maybe even God. And now I have no control over the events.  I’ve had panic attacks in the past when I felt like this, separated from myself looking down, grabbing whatever was available and holding on tight.  My back against the wall, I had no choice but to trust over the three months with the ups and downs.  The one time I tried to take control, unsuccessfully, was when Caroline was moved to another room and crib. Caroline got a new roommate named Anna Rae and we got to know her parents Stephanie and Cody, who shared in the hurdles. Nowadays, I wonder who God brings people into my life at just the right time? There is always a reason, so I just try and figure it out.


 Hair twirling, my baby twirls her hair, how is that possible?  She could not see anyone doing it or have been taught. Caroline still twirls her hair when she is very tired.  Caroline had to wear a mask over her nose, and she would reach up with her little hands and take it off.  She was very determined regarding the mask- didn’t want it for a second. Tubes coming out of her, patches connected to monitors. She wanted to have control over something and that mask was it!  Social butterfly, yes she demonstrated that also while in the NICU, turning her head to where the action was. Caroline had to be tough and determined to have survived let alone thrive.  Reason with a six year old, are you kidding me!  As parents we’ve learned that is the best and sometimes only way to get her co-operation.

Caroline’s birth weight is one pound and nine ounces.  We took Caroline home the day after Mother’s day. Caroline’s birthday- President’s Day, now barely forty pounds now full of determination and spunk.  How can something so small have such an impact on us and the people in her circle of friends?  Caroline is quick to make friends, and involve others in activities. I am only a witness of her life and her Daddy, thankful to have a front row seat, pass the popcorn!

New Home

About eight months ago, I decided to start blogging. The choice for me at the time was between Squarespace and woodpress for the blog. Maintaining humblepi has become cost prohibitive and woodpress is free. The focus of humblepi, the previous six year as a truck driver and the jumping point going forward- my future.

Mission accomplished, I wrote about my time as a truck driver, and being fired for the first time. I’m done dwelling about trucking and find it a bore now. My focus today is on Church, College, and Family, and this will be the inspiration for future writing.

Failure, jumping point going forward, is and always been a blank page to me. My career goals have been set low or unaware of the opportunities. Now I try and wait patiently while preparing for a new career field.  Attending DeVry University, ECT- Electronic Computer Technology, the experience is wonderful. Still waiting to find my call in life, no idea of the possibilities.- dare I dream

Why write,  feel compelled to do so, its been like therapy for me. Making me think, and workout the details of an event. I’m always gaining new insights during the writing process. It helps to relieve the pressure and anger over stuff, once it’s written the strong emotions go out to sea until it’s a distant memory. We all know the saying, talk is cheap and psychologists aren’t.

Why publish, hope to have a story worth reading.  The topics I write about, become rather old news to family. If you know me I’m not fond of talking a lot and hate repeating myself. More freedom to say what I think, my opinions are from a different perspective. Jem Davis said this about me,  I see things that others don’t want to see. If someone disagrees, they can start there own blog. Saves me the trouble of listening to there nonsense and rationalizations in sound bites.

Thank you for your time, I’ll strive to make this more readable.

See ya,

Mike Petrowski

The Great Petrowski -A Fable by Gina Berriault.  One year I bought a case and handed them out during a family reunion what fun.