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About eight months ago, I decided to start blogging. The choice for me at the time was between Squarespace and woodpress for the blog. Maintaining humblepi has become cost prohibitive and woodpress is free. The focus of humblepi, the previous six year as a truck driver and the jumping point going forward- my future.

Mission accomplished, I wrote about my time as a truck driver, and being fired for the first time. I’m done dwelling about trucking and find it a bore now. My focus today is on Church, College, and Family, and this will be the inspiration for future writing.

Failure, jumping point going forward, is and always been a blank page to me. My career goals have been set low or unaware of the opportunities. Now I try and wait patiently while preparing for a new career field.  Attending DeVry University, ECT- Electronic Computer Technology, the experience is wonderful. Still waiting to find my call in life, no idea of the possibilities.- dare I dream

Why write,  feel compelled to do so, its been like therapy for me. Making me think, and workout the details of an event. I’m always gaining new insights during the writing process. It helps to relieve the pressure and anger over stuff, once it’s written the strong emotions go out to sea until it’s a distant memory. We all know the saying, talk is cheap and psychologists aren’t.

Why publish, hope to have a story worth reading.  The topics I write about, become rather old news to family. If you know me I’m not fond of talking a lot and hate repeating myself. More freedom to say what I think, my opinions are from a different perspective. Jem Davis said this about me,  I see things that others don’t want to see. If someone disagrees, they can start there own blog. Saves me the trouble of listening to there nonsense and rationalizations in sound bites.

Thank you for your time, I’ll strive to make this more readable.

See ya,

Mike Petrowski

The Great Petrowski -A Fable by Gina Berriault.  One year I bought a case and handed them out during a family reunion what fun.

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