Billy Beer and Jimmy’s Moonshine

Ethanol the Alcoholic guide to Gasoline

Did you know that you have moonshine in your gas tank?  Most people never associate ethanol with moonshine or grain alcohol because it never reported that way in the media.  Given this remarkable insight, the gasoline additive ethanol is horrible for your car.

Other names for ethanol are pure grain alcohol or drinking alcohol including spirits.  Ethanol is a solvent; some other types of solvents are nail-polish removers and paint thinners. The enemy of ethanol is water, pure and clear water.  So how do you keep water out of ethanol?  It is not going to happen, considering the delivery methods and cross transportation, and open venting.  In addition, the tanks at gas stations are underground.

What if?

If Billy Carter and his brother President Jimmy Carter are competitive  like most brothers are. Billy has his popular “Billy Beer,” so how could Jimmy upstage his brother. Create a fuel crisis and introduce moonshine (ethanol), so everyone is driving around with moonshine is there gas tank.  Why have the Southern Baptists not complained, maybe they see Jimmy as one of their own. (Just a thought)

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