My Sin Alone

 My sin led to the premature birth of our daughter Caroline.  I learned something today during Church service at First Baptist of Atlanta.  God never wanted me to work at Georgia Tank Lines. This job brought considerable stress on my wife Cathy, stress that I would not even consider, and she was pregnant.  The second event was the shooting of a dog and the stress associated with that.  Caroline was born within weeks of this final event. For the first time I see the scars, on Caroline, from her birth as the results of my sin.  God still remained faithful though it all.

I felt shame for being fired, Caroline was excited that Daddy was home, after asking “Daddy were you fired?” I said yes.  Caroline was jumping up and down screaming I knew it – I knew it. I had been too ashamed, and distressed until then.  At the age of five, she knew that God didn’t want me working there.  Caroline declared that she wanted me to work at the mall; I told her the hours that would involve, and her response was “Dada not work at mall.” Caroline has since declared that I am a teacher, I’m still not sure.

Today I’m where God wants me to be, doing what He wants me to do.  The Holy Spirit that is in me delights in this knowledge.   And, Caroline has enjoyed having Daddy at home.

May the Lord Bless and Keep You,

Mike Petrowski


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