Unitarian Church

and a Track Though Time

The One Volume Bible Commentary, dated 1927

 I was given this Bible Commentary by Marsha Thorla, my mom; the book belonged to Zaile Thorla.  My mom respected him and wished that I had met him before his passing.  Zaile Thorla is mom’s father-in-law.

A frank talk with new-comers by Fred I Cairns

Why Unitarians?


The book is tattered the binding broken held together with green duct tape. I have never read it, except to flip through the pages.  I found something odd, a track about a religion that I knew nothing about and a mystery.  Why is this track here, Zaile Thorla a member of Bexley Methodist, and a schoolteacher.  For some reason I  kept it in my Bible for 15 years and counting.  The track is from June 1947,  and has aged well.

Friendship and Fellowship

Jamie is a classmate and friend we have so much in common, a Nuclear Missile Technician while in the Navy.  I was on track to be a Pershing Missile Technician in the Army.  That door was closed and I became a Calvary Scout.  Jamie worked at AT&T and me at Lucent.  We have a good time hazing each other.

We are now on our third class together and now we do homework together at my house.  I set my laptop up on Cathy’s desk for Jamie and he makes sure I do my homework.  Jamie tries to keep me on track when I come up with my half-baked ideas.  He says NO Micheal, and then calmly tries to explain why I am wrong.  If I had listened to Jamie and my wife-Cathy, I would still be on the Dean’s list; instead, I boycotted a class with a crackpot Professor.  Let me now say I listen or consult with Jamie and Cathy about my ideas good or half-baked.  I believe my ideas  are great, nice to have then around to correct me.  Our strengths and weakens are different, so there is no problem we cannot solve together.  All said  Jamie is a great friend of the family, we have a carpool now.

The Christen Verses Unitarian Debate

Jamie is a Unitarian and I am a Christen.  During our hour compute to and from class, we talk about marriage and kids. Normally on our way home, we debate the differences between the two religions.  Jamie does not believe that there are any differences between the two. I have not read the entire Bible and maybe that is good thing.  If I started quoting Bible verses, it would not work.  What Jamie does not know or have noticed is some books lying around.  A few of the authors are R.C. Sproul, Ravi Zaacharias, John R.W. Stott, and a few more. I would like to believe there is a greater reason, for me reading all theses books. I have fun debating Jamie during our commute to school.  Makes me wonder, do you still believe  in random chance?

-Mike Petrowski


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