Unitarian Church part 2

The Unitarian Church and its Beliefs

This is a follow up to “Unitarian Church and a Track Though Time,” after sharing the track with Jamie he informed me that everything was true expect for one sentence. I have not been able to verify the belief stated in the pamphlet or its history in the Unitarian church. I will follow with the sentence from the pamphlet, and then follow with the whole track.

-Mike Petrowski

We care nothing about a God who discriminates among his creatures, or one who is in any way responsible for making Anglo-Saxons inherently better than Asiatics or Africans.

a frank talk




Fred I Cairns


Why Unitarians?

One reason is that in another faith a man is expected to accept a mystical interpretation of life, though he may also work for the good of his fellows.  In our faith one is, rather, expected to work for the good of one’s fellows, though one may indulge in mystical experiences if one pleases. We do not ask people into our fellowship to help us establish ecclesiastical authority and leadership or to write new catechisms and creeds.  We want them to join us in a search for the answers to the problems people must face. We want to know God better, but only because a better understanding of God will aid in a better understanding of humanity.  We care nothing about a God who discriminates among his creatures, or one who is in any way responsible for making Anglo-Saxons inherently better than Asiatics or Africans.   We want to know the nature of the universe, no matter what it does to our former suppositions. We will not permit the story of Adam and Eve to be a stumbling block in the way of man’s inner goodness and dignity, nor will we let a three-story universe keep us from searching till we find the strength of an atom. We want to know life so that we can help all people to live-not merely so that we ourselves can live.

We declare our faith to be directed towards God and Man, and we demand an honest search for further light on both these objects of our faith. We will not be enthusiastic about any information about God that takes him farther away from man, for the direction of development through the centuries has been towards man.  We welcome all who will join us in this search, but we assure them that their coming into our fellowship imposes upon them the burden of helping us, not the mere privilege of being helped by us.  We offer few comforts and few consolations and few escapes from the realities of life, but we believe that the individual who accepts or faith and its challenge will discover something new, wholesome and invigorating about life and some new understanding and appreciation of both Man and God.


Unitarians churches are dedicated to the progressive transformation and ennoblement of individual and social life, through religion, in accordance with the advancing knowledge and the growing vision of mankind. Bound by this common purpose, and committed to freedom of belief, Unitarians hold in unity of spirit a diversity of convictions.

These pamphlets, representing free inquiry and varying opinions, are issued to promote the purpose of the fellowship.

Division of Publications



Second printing, June, 1947                                                                          Printed in U.S.A.


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